Himachal Pradesh is the perfect place for Beginners to begin their passion for adventure sports and there are a lot of Simple treks in Himachal Pradesh . And Let me tell you once you start Trekking there will be no turning back. You will enjoy trekking in Himachal Pradesh so much that your only regret will be that your trek has ended . Also trekking teaches you so many things in Life that it will really help you in your life. So here are a few simple treks In Himachal Pradesh.

Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta pass trek is also termed as The best trek for Beginners or the Most popular adventure trek. Hampta pass is located 30 kms from Manali and it is the perfect ideal trek for beginners . The Beautiful Landscape of Hampta pass , It takes you away from the Hustle bustle and busy life of the city and gives you peace and calmness . The trek is amazing with scenic views of snow covered mountains , River crossing , Lush Green forests and many more . For Beginners It is one of the best treks. The Maximum Altitude you will reach during this trek is 14,100ft

Best time to Visit Hampta pass – Best month to visit Hampta Pass trek is from the month of June to October .

Prashar Lake trek

Prashar Lake trek is known as the Most common trek for beginners.The Speciality of this trek is that it offers a 180 degree view of all the big mountains in That area such as the Pir Panjal Range , Dhauladhar Ranges , Kinnaur ranges . The Sunset seen from The Prashar Lake is just amazing.

Best Time to visit – The Best time to visit Prashar Lake trek is in January and February during that time you will get to see snow .
Average time to complete the trek – The average time taken to complete Prashar lake trek is 2 days .

Triund Trek

Triund trek is known as the most famous trek for beginners. The speciality of this trek is that it has 22 steep curves along the entire trek and it is the ideal trek for a weekend. Also the best thing about the Triund trek is that it is open for the entire year and it can be the perfect for your first trek . The trek starts from Mcleodganj and the maximum altitude which you will be reaching while trekking is 9350 ft .

Best time to do Triund trek – The Best time to visit Triund trek is from March to May and the other Winter Mountains.

Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake is located in Manali and it is at the height of 14,000ft half of the height of the Mt.Everest and there is a Lake at the top of the summit known as the Bhrigu lake which is frozen and the color of the lake is the best thing for the entire trek . This trek is known as a not so known beginner trek . If you go in Mid mid-summer or early winters then you will trek in snow which itself will be an amazing experience and an experience which you will never ever forget in your life .
Best time to Visit Bhrigu Lake – Best month to visit Bhrigu Lake is from May Month to October Month .

Tosh valley Trek

Tosh Valley Has every component needed for a beginner , There are lush Green Valleys , There are snow capped Mountains , There are beautiful Flora and fauna in the trek , there are waterfalls. Tosh is a Village in The Parvati Valley at an Height of 7874 ft. Tosh Valley is considered as a Gem of a trek because of everything that Tosh Valley provides you with , the breathtaking views mesmerize you like a fantasy . River Parvati Flows through this place which makes Tosh Valley even more beautiful So all the Beginners Planning to go for a trek Must definitely go for the Tosh Valley trek .

Average temperature in Tosh Valley – Average weather in Tosh Valley during the summer season ranges from – 7.6 degrees at night to 13 degrees during day . and Average weather during Winter season ranges from -9.5 degrees in night time to 3 degrees in day time.

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