LibreOffice Impress CCC Questions and Answer in Hindi 2022

हम टूल बार को जोड़कर या हटाकर राइटर इंटरफेस को कस्टमाइज कर सकतें हैं? a) Trueb) False Ans: a) Libreoffice Writer में आप माइक्रोसॉफ्ट वर्ड फॉर्मेट में फाइल सेव नहीं कर सकते? a) Trueb) False Ans: b) Libreoffice Writer में, यदि आप कोई गलती करते […]

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What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a complete Linux operating system, freely available with both community and professional support, that software should be available free of charge, that software tools should be usable by people in their local language and despite any disabilities, and that people should have the […]

Top CCC Previous Year Question Paper with Answers

Which of the following have the smallest storage capacity ? (a) Zip disk.(b) Hard disk.(c) Floppy disk.(d) Data cartridge. Answer : (c) What type of devices are CDs or DVDs ? (a) Input.(b) Output.(c) Software.(d) Storage. Answer : (d) Why has RAM been named like […]