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Boarding Schools or Residential School is going one of the most preferable schools in all over the world in comparison to day schools. Not even in this new era but before many years boarding schools are in its peak. Boarding school focuses on overall development of children. Nobody wants to part their child to themselves but boarding schools has its certain advantages so we have need to take decisions sometimes not with emotions but a positive reason. When the concept of boarding schools or residential school comes continue, we need to understand the points to what you are going to take this decision of boarding school. At boarding school lots of advantages to the children positive growth is possible. Children learn how to face problems standing alone, become independent, get social and the most important learn to be discipline in under supervision of professionals, every work in its time schedule either it is study, sports or meal whatever. All in all Boarding schools shape the students and fulfill life skills in them. They teach self-respect, friendship, self-dependence, and support. The students learn how to take care of themselves. They learn how to interact with society so that they become confident. The future and growth of your child depends on the kind of boarding school he/she studies in.

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