CCC Previous Paper Set Three Question and Answer

EducationIdol are provided CCC Previous Paper set three question and answer for NIELIT CCC Online Exam. Students can prepare and score well using education idol study materials. Question. डिलीट किया हुआ मेल किससे रिकवर किया जा सकता है?A deleted mail can recover from? a. Inboxb. […]

Top CCC Previous Year Question Paper with Answers

Which of the following have the smallest storage capacity ? (a) Zip disk.(b) Hard disk.(c) Floppy disk.(d) Data cartridge. Answer : (c) What type of devices are CDs or DVDs ? (a) Input.(b) Output.(c) Software.(d) Storage. Answer : (d) Why has RAM been named like […]

CCC Previous Paper: 14 Sep 2022 in Hindi

Education Idol provides last month CCC September month exam question and answer. Student ,you know very well, in CCC exam question is come repeat. क्या BCC का स्तेमाल करके हम एक साथ 500 लोगो को मेल भेज सकते है? a. Trueb. False Ans.A Libre office […]

CCC Today Question Paper 10 May 2022 in Hindi

लिब्रे ऑफिस कैल्क में पेज बॉर्डर सेट करने के लिए सही विकल्प कौनसा है? A) Insert -> Page -> BorderB) Insert -> Page -> BorderC) Format -> Page -> BorderD) Format -> Page -> BorderWhich Is The Correct Option To Set Page Border In Libreoffice […]

Nielit Ccc Question Paper 25 August 2022 With Answer In Hindi & English

Q. 1. ड्रम, लेजर और चैन निम्न में से किसके उदाहरण है? A) Key BoardB) TypewriterC) PrinterD) MonitorDrum, laser and chain are examples of which of the following?A) Key BoardB) TypewriterC) PrinterD) Monitor Ans: C) Q. 2. निम्न में से किस कमांड का उपयोग अंतिम […]