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Education Idol Services is one of the reliable educational portal offering its services in all over the India. We are focused on to deliver maximum to maximum information regarding education, admissions in (domestic and overseas both), results, vacancies etc.In today”s scenario competition is its peak, demand of education is less than the supply, so our aim is to provide information regarding the latest coming results, admissions, vacancies in different fields, so that needy candidate feel more relax to find information in one site i.e. Education idol. We have a experience of 10 years as a educational Consultant. Over these years, we have adopted a professional and very positive approach towards our clients in all our dealings.

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 We believe in building long term relationships, our aim is to provide the highest quality service to both our clients and candidates. Our mission is to reach the peak where our capabilities may successfully meet with the requirements of our clients, that too with the transparency and cost-effectiveness. 

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Carbon Disulfide Formula

Carbon disulfide appears as a clear colorless to light yellow volatile liquid with a strong disagreeable odor. Boiling point 46° C. Flash point -22°F. Properties Of Carbon Disulfide Chemical formula

Camphor Formula

Camphor appears as a colorless or white colored crystalline powder with a strong mothball-like odor. About the same density as water. Properties Of Camphor Chemical formula  C10H16O Molecular weight 152.237

Cadmium sulfate formula

admium Sulfate is a whitish, crystalline, inorganic compound that forms toxic fumes of cadmium oxides when heated.  Chemical formula CdSO4 or CdO4S Molecular weight 208.47 g/mol Chemical names Sulfuric acid,

Calcium Chloride Formula

Properties Of Calcium Chloride Formula Chemical formula CaCl2 Molecular weight 110.98 g/mol Density 2.15 g/cm3 anhydrous Melting point 772–775 °C anhydrous Boiling point 1,935 °C anhydrous

Cadmium Sulphate Formula

The structural formula of Cadmium Sulphate is CdSO4·xH2O, where ‘x’ represents the number of water molecules attached to Cadmium Sulphate.  Chemical formula CdSO4 or CdO4S Molecular weight 208.47 g/mol Chemical

Calcium Acetate Formula

Properties Of Calcium Acetate Formula Chemical formula  C4H6CaO4 Molecular weight  158.166 g/mol Density  1.509 g/cm3 Refractive index  1.55 Melting point  160°C

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