Quantitative Aptitude is undoubtedly among the most difficult sections in the Common Admission Test (CAT), especially for those who are not strong in Mathematics. This section focuses mainly on the exam takers ability to solve complex mathematical problems in a short period of time. Students need to ace this section to perform well in the exam and take the first step towards getting selected in prestigious management institutes. We will try to understand the nuances of Quantitative Ability and gain confidence to master it by the time you fill the CAT Application Form and register for the 2022 exam. You can take the help of CAT Preparation Books to sharpen your skills in this section.

Topics under Quantitative Aptitude

The CAT aspirants preparing for the exam find a lot of difficulty in the Quantitative Aptitude section due to the varied nature of topics in the section. There are questions related to topics like Number systems, Algebra, Permutation and Combination, Mensuration, Linear and Quadratic Equations, Geometric and Arithmetic Progressions, etc. The questions in Quantitative Aptitude generally have a very high difficulty level and the time constraints make matters even more complicated. It is one of the prime reasons why students often fail to perform well in this section. They must constantly practise on questions to help increase their overall scores. They can also look for study materials related to Quantitative Aptitude that contain the topics and practice questions which can help them sharpen their skills even further. Solving these questions regularly will also help them find out where they are weak and focus on those areas. It will also help them discover their strengths within Quant where they can maximise their scores

Best methods to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude

Any candidate preparing for CAT should have specific strategies to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude to perform well in this section. They can start by studying the CAT Preparation Books to establish their hold over the basics in this section. To do this, they can make use of study materials and online classes for different topics under this section. It will help them grasp the main ideas and concepts behind the chapters thoroughly before you start answering any question about Quant. This is important so that you can get more confident to proceed with the next steps. It will allow you to advance to mock papers where you can tackle the Quantitative Aptitude section much more effectively. You must also try to pay special attention to the important topics that have come up repeatedly over the past few years in the CAT exam. It will help you to focus more on those topics. While you are trying to attempt any problem, read it thoroughly to understand all the important facts and figures to avoid missing any details. These strategies will help you perform strongly in Quant and improve your overall percentile score.


Aspirants often ask themselves if the Quantitative Aptitude is the toughest part of CAT. Unfortunately, many of the people who have filled their CAT Application Form and are serious about giving the exam get intimidated by the difficulty level of this section. But with a proper strategy and sound preparation methods, it is possible for anyone to perform well in Quant without breaking a sweat. BYJU’S is a well-reputed institution known for helping students get a grip on CAT by providing them with excellent coaching methods, comprehensive study materials, videos and mock papers. They help students take that all-important step towards achieving their goal of getting admission to a great management institution.

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