Before you go and dig into the perks of joining up a foundation course, it is wise to know when is the right time to do that. indeed, it is better if you do it early, but it should not be before class 6. It is okay to join in classes 6,7,8, 9 or even 10. From class 11, remember that you would be taught as per the JEE syllabus, so the point is a robust foundation in previous classes are going to help you immensely in understanding concepts, study methods, and even problem-solving strategies.

The jee foundation course module is going to cover the whole topics of Maths and Science, overall class 10, 9 or even 8, whenever you start that helps students to score good marks in school boards and even lays a robust foundation for JEE Main and even JEE Advanced by offering basic and some advanced level of questions and concepts. It is so that they will not face any issue in their preparations in class 11 and even 12.

The quick perks of foundation course

Of course, many of you might have heard about the foundation course. But if you are not really confident about the perks of foundation course, then here are some for you to walk through:

  • A foundation course is absolutely helpful. The overall study method and approach is going to help you in building a great base for IIT JEE preparation.
  • Once you start preparing early for JEE, such as in class 8, 9, or even 10, you are always going to be ahead of your competition, who are actually planning to prepare for JEE and not really executing it. You are going to be taught some quite basic concepts of important JEE topics that would help you to understand everything in a better manner in classes 11 as well as 12.
  • You are going to learn the worth of self-realization. Once you are aware of your objective as well as goals, early in life, and begin working to accomplish it, half the battle would be won.
  • The professionals or the teachers in the course are going to give you the right direction, guidance &even proper support. It is something that would help you in developing required skills quite early. Foundation courses (mostly from class 8 to 10) help you in the development of your overall IQ, Logical and Analytical Thinking. For the
    aspirants who actually join them, their general concepts are going to be pretty strong.
  • You will also get to prepare for exams like JSTSE, NTSE and even diverse types of Olympiads through your foundation course.

A Few Important Tips for Your IIT JEE

Apart from your foundation course, it is always wise to have some tips up your sleeves. Once you have the right tips and tricks with you, you can prepare and perform well. Here some tips are there that would help you prepare and perform well for sure.

Bring curiosity in you

You should be open to learning and a scientific way of approaching your life. This is something that makes study IIT JEE preparation even much more enjoyable. Try that you do questioning every concept that you come across or comes your way. This is one attitude that not only helps you in cracking IIT/JEE but even takes you to fresh levels of witnessing life.

Squeeze your approach

You know what, the over-enthusiastic candidates or students most of the times think that the more questions you solve, the better you might get. But it is one rule that gets a shocking blowback! It is crucial for you to learn to solve one single question in manifold different ways than to solve some hundred questions with the same type of technique or method. Remember, quality over quantity always work.

Do Revision in a wise manner?

You cannot simply miss out on the importance of revision for your competitive exams such as IIT/JEE. However, the students or candidates tend to go to extremes, either revise extensively or nothing at all.  It is wise and effective to develop a healthy manner of revision. Revise chapter-wise rather than subject-wise. This is something that is not just dissects the gigantic preparation process but even makes things achievable. It is a common method used by software programmers to divide a proper big problem into the smallest solvable unit. You need to apply such a same tech concept at this moment.

Crucial Time management

Ah, it is time that you develop friendship with the concept of time management. While preparing for a competitive exam such as this IIT/JEE, every single minute counts. Make sure that you make effective and productive use of time while start study to cover all the different subjects, solving question papers, and even revise.


To sum up , you can join up IIT foundation online classes timely and ensure that you are on track. Find out the perfect course as per your choice on Infinity Learn and ensure a powerful prep and performance. Right guidance and powerful assistance of professionals will turn the tables for you.

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