Students work hard throughout the year to score high marks in their board exams. They do everything such as creating the study plan, regular studies, completing the syllabus etc., with the hope of scoring high marks. But, one of the crucial things that count into exam preparation is solving the sample papers. Most of the students miss out on practising the sample papers. They keep revising the topics again and again and don’t evaluate their exam preparation by solving the sample papers. Due to which their efforts do not give much result as they expect. So, to help them understand the importance of solving the sample papers, we have created this article. Moreover, they also get to know the tips to use the sample papers to maximise their scores in the board exams.

How Sample Papers Help in Increasing Students Marks?

To understand how sample papers can increase students scores, students need to go through the following points carefully:

Helps in Revision

Sample papers are the best way of doing the revision. By solving the cbse sample paper class 10, students will go through the entire syllabus as questions are asked from the whole syllabus in the sample paper. Also, the sample paper resembles the actual exam format, so students get well versed with the question paper design and format. While evaluating the answer sheet, students go through those topics where they have made a mistake. So, in this way, they again revise the topics in which they are weak.

Helps in Self Assessment

Students can self assess themselves before the actual board exam by solving the sample papers. It will help them understand how much they are prepared for the exam. After doing the self-assessment, students will clearly get to know their strengths and weaknesses. Thus, according to them, they can prepare the strategy for the exam and focus on improving their performance.

Help in Understanding the Areas of Improvement

By solving different types of sample papers, students can easily figure out the areas where they are weak and need to improve. While solving the sample papers, students get stuck on many questions. This happens as they do not know the answer, forget the formula or make silly mistakes. So, knowing them, students understand where they have to put effort to improve their performance in the exam. Thus, it helps them to improve their weak areas and prepare them effectively for the board exams.

Helps in Managing the Time

Students acquire time management skills by solving the sample papers. While practising the sample papers, they get to know how much time they are taking to solve one mark, two marks, three marks and five marks questions. And further, whether they are able to finish the entire paper on time or they need to work on improving their speed. Knowing these things, students can work on improving the speed and completing the paper in the allocated time duration.

Boost Confidence Level

Sample papers also increase the confidence level of students. They feel more relaxed and stress-free during the exam. After solving the sample papers, students feel fully ready and prepared to face the exam. They do not have any kind of exam fear or worry in their face. They are confident that during the exam they will surely do well and pass the exam with flying colours.

These tips are useful for both class 10 and class 12 board exam students. But, one thing they should make sure that they begin to solve the papers after completing the cbse syllabus for class 12 physics. In the similar way, they should complete the syllabus of a particular subject and then solve the sample paper. Otherwise, solving the papers will not give any fruitful result to them.

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