Num. Branch of Biology   Name
1Father of BiologyAristotle
2Father of ZoologyAristotle
3Father of BotanyTheophrastus
4Father of TaxonomyCarl Linnaeus
5Father of Plant PhysiologyStephen Hales
6Father of BacteriologyLouis Pastuer
7Father of MicrobiologyLeeuwenhoek
8Father of ImmunologyEdward Jenner
9Father of CytologyRobert Hooke
10Father of MycologyMicheli
11Father of GeneticsG J Mendel
12Father of Experimental Genetics             T. H. Morgan
13Father of BryologyJohann Hedwig
14Father of EugenicsFrancis Galton
15Father of MicroscopyMarcello Malphigi
16Father of Bio-diversityE.O. Wilson
17Father of MedicineHippocrates
18Father of modern AnatomyAndreas Vesalius
19Father of Radiation GeneticsH. J. Muller

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