The first thing that most students worry about when they hear the word exams is how good they are at scoring marks in a subject. Subjects like Science and Maths are far easier to ace as it requires more logical thinking and problem-solving skills. However, though English at first appears to be an easy subject, cracking it requires adept language skills and a deep understanding of the concepts. 

One of the best ways to ensure mastery of the English language is to delve deeper into the language with the exhausting resources available. A CBSE student is advised to be well-versed with the concepts introduced in Class 11 English, as these form the basis for their subject in the higher class. The English books for Class 11 are divided into three books, The Woven Words, Hornbill, and Snapshots

The textbook for Class 11 English, The Woven Words consists of 8 short stories and 12 poems, while the book Hornbill helps to self-evaluate one’s performance in reading and writing skills. The book snapshots also includes some 8 chapters. Any student who is thorough with the concepts and topics of these three books and have studied them systematically as prescribed for 11th Class of CBSE English subject will find it a breeze to score high marks in the final exams. With these books, students can easily clear all their doubts and also get better marks in the exam. 

Understand the English Paper Design

Apart from the textbooks, students also resort to solving previous year papers, sample papers, solutions, and better grasping the English language and its exciting concepts.  The latest Class 11 English Question Paper amounts to 80 marks, encompassing questions based on the concepts and topics from these three books. These questions are crafted to evaluate a candidate’s skills in Grammar, Reading Comprehension, and Writing Section and Literature Section. Thus, the questions found in the new format paper are based on these and as per the newly allotted marking scheme. 

Tips To Ace English Language

 Meanwhile, in this article, we also attempt to give some essential tips to ace the exams. 

  1. Understand the language as a whole 
  2.  Know how to approach the Section wise, Reading Comprehension passage, Vocabulary and Grammar
  3. Try answering a mix of easy and moderately tricky questions during exam preparations 
  4.  Prepare essays for likely general topics well in advance 
  5.  Building one’s vocabulary and thinking in English makes it easy  

Apart from these, we have already confirmed the use of study materials from NCERT, and one such helpful resource is the textbooks. Any student who has practised the questions from all the books starting with Chapter 1 The Lament of Class 11 The Woven Words book, will find it easy to perform well in the exams. Students can also refer to the essential chapter questions and detailed explanations provided by experts while studying. 

Another critical resource used by students is the solutions that help them to get proper knowledge of each topic covered for the particular subject. These solutions are also available chapter-wise as per the preferred textbook. Thus, we can conclude that students who work hard and make the most of these resources available will quickly secure top scores in the exams. 

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