Choosing a perfect housewarming gift for your dear one? Well, we suggest you take a step ahead and choose a gift that is not only endearing, but also eco-friendly and sustainable! For a new abode, get a housewarming gift basket full of love, warmth and eco-friendly items that they love to use for a long time!

To create a housewarming gift basket that sparks joy, keep your loved one’s taste and preference in mind. If they enjoy plants or natural fabrics, decoration pieces or gardening, what kind of a person they are? Once you shortlist their preferences, you can easily pick a suitable gift for them. 

Diya set & Candles- Bring light and joy to your loved one’s new abode with beautiful terracotta diya and aromatic candles. Offer them soya candles that cause no soot and carbon emission but only aroma of pure love and peace. You can also place brass diyas to enhance its aesthetics.

Brass Utensils- Brass is considered as a pure and health-benefiting alloy. It has been used in the kitchen and in Pooja activities for a long time. To embark on this auspicious occasion, you can gift them brass kitchenware, brass diya and brass dinner set as well. 

Gardening Essentials- If you think your hosts would love to set up a terrace garden at their new place, give them gardening sets along with plantable stationeries. Gardening sets along with in-house plantable bags and hangings, it is easy to grow your own garden and vegetables for the kitchen like chillies, tomatoes and more. 

Ethnic Clothes- If you know your hosts well enough, you can always gift them pure, and authentic clothes that they can wear. It includes linen kurta pyjamas, linen saree, cotton kurtas and suits. You can add a piece of ethnic jewellery of your choice to complete the look of your gift. 

Beddings- For a new home, give them new beddings and pillow cases. Bedsheets, dohar and blankets come in different colours and designs from ikkat, thread work and more. Paired with matching pillow sets, this gift set is a usable, eco-friendly and sustainable gift option for your housewarming gift baskets.

Ceramic Serve ware- One of the most popular gift ideas is elegant and graceful tea pots with cups, or a pair of coffee mugs and a jar set. These classic gift ideas goes a long way and is very useful for a family shifting to new home, often engaged with new guests and visitors. 

Essential Oils & Diffusers- Apart from terracotta diya, essential oils & diffusers are often complementary to the serene and aromatic nature of a new home. Essential oils help enhance the mood of the room, and work through the senses to induce calmness and enthusiasm. It makes a perfect gift for occasions such as weddings and housewarming.

With these gifting ideas in your housewarming gift baskets, it will be a combination of unique, and environmentally friendly products that will not only grace the new house of your friends or family but will be treasured for years to come as well.

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