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Frustum of a right circular cone is that portion of right circular cone included between the base and a section parallel to the base not passing through the vertex.


Properties of Frustum of Right Circular Cone

  • The altitude of a frustum of a right circular cone is the perpendicular distance between the two bases. It is denoted by h.
  • All elements of a frustum of a right circular cone are similar to a cone. Here, slant height is denoted by L.

The formula of Frustum of a Right Circular Cone

CSA = πL(R + r)

TSA = πL(R + r) + πR2+ πr2

V0lume, V =

\begin{array}{l}\frac{\pi h}{3} \left ( R^{2}+ Rr + r^{2} \right)\end{array}
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