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Students can study human civilization and the wider world by enrolling in the humanities program, also referred to as “arts.” From examining how individuals behave in social situations to comprehending the legal rights of citizens, everything falls under the purview of subjects in the Art stream. In this stream, students have a variety of options in art subjects to pick from. Through this blog, we will have an enhanced view of popular art specializations.

Know about an Arts Degree

The arts field is highly varied. It covers a wide range of disciplines including history, law, humanities subjects, geography, political science, visual arts (painting, sculpting, drawing, etc.), performance arts (music, dance, theater, etc.), literary arts (languages, literature, philosophy, etc.), and performing arts. However, the best arts colleges in Bhopal provide academic programs like BA (General), BA (Honors), MA, and also Diploma courses.


A Closer Examine of Several Arts Specializations

Here’s an enhanced view of the different art specializations available in India:

  • History: This is a traditional subject in the Arts stream that teaches students about the development of human civilization from the prehistoric period to the present. Also, it discusses significant historical occurrences, places a focus on art and architecture, such as the history of Indian art, and educates readers on the creations of famous people from around the globe. Your understanding of human history and the direction of development will grow as a result of the subject’s curriculum.
  • Geography: This is one of the most popular Arts stream subjects since it examines the interactions between people and their environment, the physical characteristics of the Earth, people, economies, etc. The Geography curriculum of MA colleges in Bhopal gives a solid foundation for ideas on world geography, flora and wildlife, population, economy, transportation, etc. In addition, courses in the specialist field of cartography are an option for people interested in creating various maps and trip guides.
  • Economics: This subject includes the processes or systems by which goods and services are produced, sold, and bought at a larger level (Macroeconomics) and the smaller individual level (Microeconomics). The subject deals with the behavior and interactions of economic agents and how various economies work. With this specialization from the best arts colleges in Bhopal, you can work in sectors like Banking, Insurance, Real Estate, Service and Manufacturing Firms, Consulting, etc.
  • English: As one of the required topics in the Arts stream, has a well-organized syllabus that covers many aspects of the discipline. Together with emphasizing the development of writing and speaking abilities, the curriculum emphasizes reading abilities through English literature. Obtaining this specialization from Mansarovar Global University, which is by far regarded as the best university in MP can be highly advantageous.
  • Political Science: It covers the state, various forms of government, and the scientific study of political behavior. Political Methodology, International Relations, Comparative Politics, Public Policy, and Political Economics are just a few of the subfields that are covered by administrative ideas and concepts. A wide range of potential careers in political science, including those with political office holders, legal firms, law enforcement agencies, political organizations, field research companies, and many more, are also made clear to students in its curriculum.
  • Sociology: This branch specifically deals with the study of how human society, social interactions, and cultural diversity have changed over time. In addition to this, the sociology curriculum calls for the use of empirical research and analytical evaluation to build comprehension of social order, acceptability, and social evolution. Overall, this subject prepares you for a wide range of careers, including those in journalism, youth services, social work, labor unions, civil services, trade associations, NGOs, etc.
  • Philosophy: This deals with universal and fundamental issues of existence, knowledge, motives, ethics, the mind, language, and the nature of people and the universe. Pursuing a career in philosophy builds a foundation for original thought and sound logic, which further aids in making contributions to society’s well-being. This is, however, a popular UG course offered by many BA colleges in Bhopal. Students who are interested in this subject can continue their education and apply for the Civil Services examinations. Careers in social work, public services, research, education, media, and law are among the many options open to philosophy students.
  • Home Science: This discipline of Arts deals with scientific knowledge of nutrition, health, and growth measures. Graduates in Home Science can pursue a career in various specializations such as Clothing and Textile, Food and Nutrition, Home Management, Family Relations, Child Development, and Extension Education. The Mansarovar Global University in Bhopalincludes this specialization in its MA programs.
  • Psychology: The comprehensive scientific study of the mind and behavior known as psychology covers cognitive processes, human development, social behavior, sports, clinical, and health topics. One of the most fascinating topics is the study of conscious and unconscious events, as well as emotions and thoughts. Those who are seeking academic training in the subject have a variety of job options, including those as psychologists and therapists, as well as professional prospects in the disciplines of health psychology, mental health services, etc.
  • Public Administration: The development, implementation, and oversight of numerous public policies across industries is the responsibility of public administration. Those who plan to pursue a career in civil service through the UPSC tests may want to think about enrolling in a degree program like this.

There are more specializations offered by Mansarovar Global University. Its Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences also offers Diploma courses in Community Service and Social Work, apart from the regular UG and PG programs.


Summing up, arts is one of the few courses where students can pick the subject they are most interested in studying from a wide range of specializations. When choosing one of the many specialties available in the art stream, you should carefully consider your interests and long-term objectives.


  1. What are some potential advantages of attending some of the best arts colleges in Bhopal?

Obtaining a degree from those colleges will assist you in gaining knowledge about Personality Development, Individual Differences and exhibiting advanced critical thinking skills. Moreover, this will make you capable of turning into a leader, wherein you can communicate with people on a variety of topics.

  1. What is an undergraduate degree in Education all about?

A three-year bachelor’s degree program in education called BA (Education) equips students for entry-level jobs in elementary or secondary art education. As a whole, students will consider, study, and learn how to modify the curriculum to fit the requirements of kids and teens from different backgrounds and skill levels as part of the coursework.

  1. What is the most important difference between a BA (General) and a BA (Honors) course?

The primary distinction between them is that a BA Hons program allows you to specialize in a single subject over three years, whereas a BA program requires you to take at least five subjects. Both programs are similar in terms of duration, eligibility, admissions procedure, and average cost.

  1. What are the trending job profiles for arts graduates?

Pursuing a degree from the best arts colleges in Bhopal can prepare you for prominent job options like Content Writer, Editor, Clinical Social Worker, Teacher, Translator, PR Associate, etc.

  1. What can you learn by earning a diploma in community service?

You will be equipped to work as a community services provider in residential and community settings with the help of this Diploma. Mansarovar Global University does, however, offer this program.

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